Successful Treatment of Widespread Vitiligo with Monobenzone


For the past couple of years, vitiligo has become a very common dermatological disorder affected thousands across the nation. The condition usually involves the appearance of several white patches or macules on the skin. Worldwide, researchers say that about 2% of the populations are patients of vitiligo. It comes with some highly undesirable aesthetic effects particularly when the patches appear on the facial skin. Most of the patients have been found to suffer from serious psychosocial effects with some of them even becoming highly depressed in the process particularly when no kind of medication seems to work on them.


Even though the truth of the matter is that a cure for vitiligo is yet to be discovered, there are a number of treatment options that offer satisfactory results. One of the most effective depigmenting agents is monobenzone which has been an incredibly successful treatment even for people with extensive vitiligo. For patients with extensive or widespread vitiligo, doctors usually advise that the medication is used much more aggressively on the skin for much better results. Continued application is necessary and highly recommended as a way of reducing the effects of depigmentation and to sustain the newly found pigmentation of the skin.


Benoquin is also increasing being used by some people for other many and varied cosmetic purposes like the attempt to lighten sun damaged skin, freckles and age spots alongside other skin areas showing extra pigmentation. However, this isn’t recommended and it can have some undesirable effects particularly when done without consulting a doctor first. The body tends to absorb the cream effectively and this can at times result in skin color change on areas that the drug wasn’t initially applied. The changes brought about by this cream could be permanent or long lasting.

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Application of the monobenzone cream should be done cautiously in order to achieve near perfect skin lightening effects. There are times when the medication can lead to irregular skin color patches and utmost care is thus very important. However, there is really nothing to be worried about using the medication as it leads to desirable effects in the long run. The skin of some people might react to this medication and if this happens, it is advisable that you stop usage and consult your doctor. When used correctly and as per the guidelines, the drug is quite safe and very effective as well.


Benoquin is designed for use on the skin only and not in any other way. People are also advised to keep in mind the fact that this drug isn’t one of those mild cosmetic bleaches as such and can have disastrous effects particularly when used on a healthy skin. Some skin conditions like discoloration resulting from use of perfumes, hormone medicine or even skin trauma and pregnancy shouldn’t be treated with this drug either. If you are suffering from such skin conditions, it is always important that you visit your dermatologist for recommendation on the right kind of treatment to use.


To apply monobenzone cream the best way, only a thin layer should be applied to the normal colored skin as per the doctor’s directions. Avoid the product getting into your eyes as well as on the inside parts of your mouth or skin. In case you accidently apply the cream in these areas, it is advisable that you flush with a lot of clean water. The medication affects the skin permanently and it comes sensitive to sunlight. Vitiligo patients are advised to also avoid being exposed to sunlight, sunlamps and tanning booths for a prolonged period of time.


The full benefits of benoquin are generally experienced after a period of about four months and as such, a lot of patient is required on the part of the user. People with an allergy of monobenzone should also be very careful not to use this medication and most importantly, it should also not be applied on skin areas that aren’t affected by vitiligo. Keep in mind the fact that your untreated skin might also change in color upon using the medication. As such, always speak to your doctors in case you have any concerns regarding your depigmentation of your other normal areas of the skin.


Given the social stigmatization that comes with vitiligo, patients of this kind of skin disorder should use monobenzone as a sound treatment for this condition. This is because the disorder has no cure and failure to treat it can drive you in to a state of depression which can have some grave consequences on your health. Sometimes, the skin patches might be so extensive that they cover more than 50 percent of your body surface which can be very disheartening. The affected areas tend to lose their natural pigmentation and end up becoming whitened in the long run.


Vitiligo results from destruction of melanocyte which produces melanin, a pigment responsible for skin color. Keep in mind that after using benoquin, your skin becomes more vulnerable to the harmful effects of sun rays and you should particularly protect your skin against skin cancer by using sun screen and being in other protective wears as well. You should be well informed before you decide to use this medication because its effects are permanent and cannot be reversed. Also, you should do so after appreciating the fact that your skin will be more sensitive to sun burns.

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So, are you wondering what the benoquin cream actually contains? Well, monobenzone is the main active ingredient in the cream and the water soluble base contains purified water, sodium lauryl sulphate, cetylalcohol, propylene and white wax. It is very effective in treatment of excessive vitiligo where the irregular patches are widespread on the skin. After achieving your desired skin color, continued usage of the Monobenzone Cream is recommended to help maintain the color. In this regard, the medication should be applied at least twice a week. All in all, always keep your doctor informed about your progress to ensure that your skin is changing for the better.







                   Treatment with Monobenzone Cream


Monobenzone Cream works on Vitiligo skin.

No matter how beautiful or smart someone is, there are many occurrences that can take place that will result in them losing their self-confidence. One of the most significant situations that can lead to this happening is when white spots appear on the skin due to vitiligo, a rare skin disorder. Vitiligo takes place when the amount of melanin decreases in the body and this will result in the destruction of melanocyte cells. Keep in mind that melanin is the main component of cell and skin production. Vitiligo can affect anyone no matter what their race and gender is. However, the good news here is that the skin disorder can be cured using depigmentation process by using benoquin cream. Benoquin cream is also known as monobenzone, which is its original generic name.


Monobenzone cream helps people in regaining their self-confidence again and ends their suffering. The cream works effectively by slowing down the metabolism of melanocytes that are responsible for the coloration of your skin. This will result in the area around your skin getting whitened and all your skin will have the same color. The best thing about this is that vitiligo can be cured within a period of four months. However, it is essential that you apply the cream at least two times per week to reach the desired effect.


It is essential that you understand everything about the cream before you apply it. The cream consists of 200 milligrams of an ingredient called monobenzone. Even though this cream is mainly used for treating the skin disorder vitiligo, many people use it for cosmetic reasons as well. This is completely fine as long as you consult a doctor first. You should also follow the doctor’s instructions whether you are using it to treat vitiligo or not. 


To apply benoquin cream effectively, you should do it in very thin layers and rub it around the affected area. The dosage will probably differ from one person to another depending on their situation but the recommended dosage is three time per day for around four month. You will probably begin seeing results after a month of using it consistently.


It is completely normal to experience some common side effect such as redness, irritation, skin cracking, and dryness. However, if these side effects get worse, you should instantly contact a doctor. There is no doubt that benoquin cream is very effective in treating vitiligo but the key here is to use it properly.

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